Role Play Games

If you like playing games with your friends then you might have played role play games with them. At Games & Enchantments we carry a large selection of role play games and other games for a fun night in.

We've been serving the community of Chillicothe, OH since opening our doors. Our mission has been to give people a variety of options to choose from when it comes to their role playing. From science fiction to the classic fantasy genre for these games we've got everything you could need from dice to boards to character sheets. You'll never need to go anywhere else for your role playing needs than right here.

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Game Shop

When it comes to games most department stores carry a good variety to choose from, but at Games & Enchantments we are strictly a game shop which means we carry the largest selection of games for our customers.

We've loved getting to work with the people of Chillicothe, OH since we opened. No matter their game tastes we have something for everyone. Do you like role play games? Then we have all the games and supplies you could ever want for those games. Everything in our game shop is priced affordably because we want to share the love of playing these games with your loved ones.

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Comic Books

If you enjoy superheroes and adventurous stories, but sometimes prefer to watch them happen in colored pictures then the comic books selection at Games & Enchantments is the best place to be. No matter what comic series you're currently following you'll be able to find the volumes in our store.

When it comes to games and comics in Chillicothe, OH we're the number one spot to find both and for a reasonable price. From superhero comic books to role play games we've got everything that your heart could desire in one convenient location. When you want to find people that enjoy these comics as much as you do, then our staff will be more than happy to help you find what you're looking for.

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Joe Parker, Chillicothe, Ohio
On numerous trips into the store, I have yet to not be greeted with friendliness and terrific customer service. It had never been a pushy salesmen type tactic employed, it is always a conversation that goes to whatever games might happen to come up. Love this place!
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